The music at Ecclesia is comfortable and intentional.  We don't believe in only one way of putting our praises into song.  Whether it is an old hymn that has been a pillar of our faith for centuries, or a modern song that hits to the hearts of people today, we choose to sing music that evokes worship, not entertainment.  

We are always looking for more people passionate about worshiping through music.  Whether you play an instrument or just like to sing, we'd love to have your passsion and talent with us.  


The sermons here are conversational, and Scripture-centered.  The Bible is important because it is the witness that points to the Word of God, Jesus Christ.  While addressing issues in our world today, our sermons will always come out of the Truth of Scripture.  Sometimes they're fun... sometimes they're serious... but they always start in Scripture and point back to the Word, the Son of God.


An important moment in our Sunday Morning worship time is our congregational prayer time.  This is the time the church shares their troubles and joys with each other and as a community, we lay them at the feet of God.  If you have specific prayer requests you want us to pray for as a church, please email the Pastor at eccwaco@gmail.com.  Your privacy and confidence is important to us.  We will not share what doesn't need shared.

Lord's Supper

One of the greatest moments of worship is when we gather around the table together, meeting Christ there in this timeless ritual which connects us to the sacrifice and love found in Christ's act on the cross.

Our table is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ, and who will respond to his call to join Him at the table.  At Ecclesia, partake with Christ at the table on the last Sunday of every month.
Every Sunday we gather to worship together.  Some come with hearts full of joy.  Others bearing a great weight of brokenness.  We all come together to exalt our King, wherever we are.  

We come as we are.  Some are in shorts, some jeans, others slacks, and even the occasional suit.  Worship doesn't come from our clothes, but it comes from us.  The most important part is that we are there.

Worship begins at 10:45, and goes until 11:45 or noon.