ECC Leadership Team

Senior Pastor:
Trent Futral

Associate Pastor:
Michael Liga

"When I came to Waco in 2004, I came to go to college at Baylor.  I quickly fell in love.  Not just with Anna, who I met sophomore year, but also with Waco.  While working with Habitat for Humanity, I was pushed to understand and love more cultures than just my own.  
The journey since then has been a fun one.  I've been a youth pastor, and worked as a youth director at Mission Waco/Mission World.  My time working with these varied youth groups expanded my horizons even more. 

It has been a long journey that brought me to Ecclesia, but I believe we are poised and ready to be a beacon of hope and love to our North Waco neighborhood.

When I'm not working (both at Mission Waco and Ecclesia), I spend most of my time working on our old house, shooting pool, and playing with my kids."
Trent is married to Anna Futral, and they have three energetic and beautiful children:  Aden, Shy'La, and Faith.
He is a graduate of Baylor University (B.A. Psychology) and Truett Theological Seminary (M.Div in Languages and Biblical Studies).  

Contact information:
phone:   254-495-0907

I was born in the Philippines, on a small island called Jolo, Sulu. My family and I moved to Slidell, Lousiana. America in 2001. We moved shortly after to Houston, Texas in 2006 because of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Since then, I have served as a Younth Ministry Leader in my local church at Houston, and graduated from Houston Baptist University to pursue the pastoral vocation.

Since a child, I was raised in the culture of the church – living, breathing and observing the church for the vast majority of my life. Church, I believe is one of, if not the only, place in the world where true hope lies. It is in this very reason that the church ought to look like the world consisting of different social, racial, and physical orientation, witnessing and reaching to an every-changing world with the unassuming and unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I believe Ecclesia has an incredible and invaluable vision to reach all people in Waco with the message of Jesus Christ so that men and women of all race, orientation, and backgrounds can participate in the Christian life which seeks to live like Christ daily.

In my spare time, I love to watch and play Basketball, Football, and Tennis. Also, I love playing piano, guitar, and bass guitar.”

Ken Guenat

Ted DeLeon

T.O.P.S Director:
Nancy Guenat