Church On The Run

The church is not a building.  We may gather on Sunday mornings at our building, but the church is the people.  On Wednesdays, we often get out of our church and commune together in our homes or outside at a park.  We share a meal, fellowship, and often a game or two breaks out with the kids.  This is a special time where we grow closer together through sharing life and laughter with each other, and growing closer to God through study and prayer.    
Spring/Summer COTR locations

  • August 29th: Mission Waco--Other Side of Waco Tour
  • September 5th:
  • September 12th:
  • September 19th:  My Brother's Keeper Homeless Shelter
  • September 26th:
  • October 3rd:
  • October 10th
  • October 17th:
  • October 24th:  My Brother's Keeper Homeless Shelter
  • October 31st:
  • November 7th:
  • November 14th:
  • November 21st:  My Brother's Keeper Homeless Shelter
  • November 28th:
  • December 5th:
  • December 12th:
  • December 19th: My Brother's Keeper Homeless Shelter
  • December 26th: